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Taking the Nordic work culture global with our remote work model

Nordic countries have a certain reputation. A reputation for such things as offering a good work-life balance, good healthcare, equality in the workplace and well, just for being a place where the world’s happiest people live. 

Nordic nomads was founded in Finland, which makes us indeed a Nordic company. Our home is here in Finland, or is it? We actually don’t have a single office anywhere so technically, all we can do is create a Nordic environment and a culture where Nordic values are present. 


In the Nordics, we are advocates for openness and transparency. We demand this of our government, our politicians and the companies we work for. We at Nordic nomads embrace this and share everything with all our employees and are transparent in everything we do. 

Be kind, compassionate and treat everyone equally and with respect. Treat others the way you want to be treated as they say. We live by these principles. We embrace differences. Since we operate on a global model and recruit people from all over the world, we automatically have a team of people with different backgrounds. We learn about new places, new cultures, foods and how people grow up and live in different parts of the world. Learning about new people, cultures and ways of thinking opens your mind and leads to personal development. 

Inclusion. This means two things to us. Yes, we don’t discriminate, we include everyone. But not just in our company, but in the growth of our company. We include everyone in all decisions we are making. Everything we are doing is openly discussed and we all have a say in how things are done. This also supports new ways of thinking, creativity and innovation and brings us all together.   

In Finland, we trust our institutions, our government, our friends and family and even strangers. Finns tend to be very honest people. We say what we mean and don’t have a hidden agenda. In Finland you can leave your phone on the desk of a coffee shop and trust that when you come back later, you will find the phone at the cashier. At Nordic nomads, we trust each other, we hold ourselves accountable and we always have our colleagues back.


Nordic countries offer a good work-life balance. We usually work 8-16 and most people don’t work evenings or weekends unless you’re working shifts. We want our employees to be motivated and charged and even demand our employees have a good work-life balance. The length of the work week varies by country and those variants apply to us. For example our work week in Finland is 37,5 hours and 35 hours in France. Yes, you can choose to work later some days and less on others but here you don’t get to work overtime. 

We want everyone to feel energized. We make sure we recharge during the work day and recharge during your free time. During the day we take breaks to discuss topics that are not related to work. We are not allowed to book back to back meetings, there always has to be a break in between so we can recharge. And we avoid meetings in general since we tend to do most of our communication asynchronously. But we have social calls where we just connect where we don’t talk about work related things. We also make it a requisite to take breaks to interact with people and start meeting by discussing non-work related issues. We want our employees to connect on a personal level. 


In Finland, we have great public healthcare but on top of that, we have mandatory occupational healthcare. Since this service cannot be offered in every country, we provide our employees  in other countries with premium health insurance

Vacations, holidays and time off 

Paid vacations vary a lot by country. In Finland, in our industry we get 25 paid vacation days per year. We offer the same 25 paid vacation days to everyone in our company. The amount of public holidays varies by country. At Nordic nomads public holidays are paid time off. Our employees are applicable to the public holidays your permanent country of residence offers. When our employees get sick, they take sick leave as needed. We also offer full family and birthing parent leaves.


We believe in equal pay. Equal means it’s the same regardless of who you are or where you live or work from. The only thing that affects your salary is your experience and skills. Our salary levels are of IT companies operating in Finland. On top of your salary you are entitled to all of our benefits.  


Finland’s education system has been ranked as one of the best in the world if not the best. And what makes it different from many other countries, it’s free for all levels including universities. We believe in personal development and growth and want to do all we can to support our employee’s development. We offer our employees access to online courses, e-learning platforms and audiobooks so you can regularly update your technical skills and improve yourself.


Not to brag, but Finland has been ranked as the happiest country in the world. Four years in a row – a world record at that. Take that Sweden! No, really, we love our neighbor, there is no rivalry, really… But every time these polls are revealed, Finns joke about how that’s possible since we live in darkness half of the year and Finns are by stereotype very unemotional. But the truth is, Finland offers many things we sometimes take for granted like all of the things mentioned above. And while it is pretty dark during the winter months, the sun barely sets during the summer. We at Nordic nomads want to create an environment, a culture of these great Nordic values is present and offer our employees all over the world these same benefits.


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