Re —
Your Life.

Work from anywhere

We evolved in the Nordics but employ the best remote software development professionals from around the world.

We work where we want and when we want. Travel and see the world or just spend more time with friends and family, that’s your choice, we just want you to be happy. 

Choose your own office

Forget the commute. Experience the world, work wherever you want.

Choose your own hours

Work the hours when it best suits your daily schedule

Work – life balance

More time for leisure, less stress

Work with likeminded people

Top digital nomads from around the world

Remote, but better

There are a lot of challenges with working remotely and we’re on a mission to fix them.

With us you won’t be alone, you’ll be a part of our tight community where everyone is welcomed and everyone will have a say in how we develop our company.  No gigs, this is a permanent job. 

Digital development
and transformation

We are experts in digital development and transformation and work with the newest technologies.

Our senior level professionals aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction and world class solutions. Nordic nomads is backed by Reaktor, one of Finland’s leading design technology partners and the over 1,000 top professionals in it’s ecosystem.

What we offer in a nutshell


Work from anywhere in the world you choose.


Best of breed practices & tools to support working remotely


Your well-being is super important to us


Togetherness, inclusivity, equality, friendship, respect

Culture & values

Openness, transparency, authenticity, trust, accountability, well-being.