This company was founded based on our employees’ needs. We provide freedom to choose where and when you work and flexibility to have a real work-life balance”


Freedom and flexibility

We give our employees true freedom and flexibility on a new level. This means our employees can work and live anywhere in the world they choose. We are 100% location independent which means that we don’t have fancy offices, not even a HQ and we never will. 

We say no to hybrid models

Hybrid models lead to inefficiency, loss of communication, lowered well-being and feelings of being left out. All our processes, practices and tools serve and support working fully remotely.



We will invest a huge amount of effort into building a remote work environment and culture where our employees feel that they are a part of something and have a feeling of togetherness. We stay socially connected.

Equality and respect

We treat everyone equally and with respect and we don’t have unnecessary hierarchies.

Trust & Accountability

We trust each other, we hold ourselves accountable and we always have our colleagues back.

Transparency and inclusion

We are open and transparent about everything we do and will include everyone in the development of our company. We also hope you’ll have the willingness to participate in building our culture and practices.


Employee well-being and proper work-life balance is extremely important to us. We want you to be able to focus on things important to you.


We have a passion for what we do and we put high emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.