Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with freelancers or only hire employees?

We only hire employees for several reasons. We are a team and we don’t compete with each other, instead we support each other. We also want to include everyone in the development of our company and contributing to our culture. We don’t want our employees to choose tasks based on whether they can be invoiced or not. And we believe this model is also best for sharing information and supporting one another.

Can I literally work anywhere?

Of course, there are some parts of the world where working is not possible due to obvious reasons, but we do our best to make it possible in as many countries as we can.

Does “work from anywhere” mean I can move from one country to another if I so choose?

Absolutely, you can travel from country to country or move permanently to another country, that is up to you.

What does “choose your own hours” mean?

Sometimes customer projects dictate meeting schedules but for the most part, you can freely schedule your working hours. If you want to go jog in the middle of the day or work 5 hours on one day of the week, that’s your call. We just need everyone to put in the hours on a weekly basis, how you schedule them is up to you.

What technologies do you work with?

We work with technologies that are both relevant and in high demand such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Python, JVM languages, Swift, React, NodeJS/Express, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, RabbitMQ, Kafka, REST, gRPC, WebSockets, webRTC, AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, Serverless Framework etc.

What kind of projects do you do?

We specialize in custom web and mobile applications and cloud architecture development and maintenance.

What kind of customers / projects do you work with?

We work with leading companies in multiple industries such as retail, transportation, customer service etc.

Do you hire for junior / trainee level positions?

We are a company that provides our customers with high quality solutions and true senior level professionals with relevant experience. Therefore we are unable to hire professionals with under 5 years of experience.