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Meet Jussi, our nomad from Munich

Meet our newest team member Jussi. He’s originally from the Salo region in Finland but he moved to Germany approximately ten years ago. His spouse-to-be had an opportunity to do a PhD at the University of Heidelberg and Jussi did not hesitate to follow her. “My employee at the time allowed me to keep working from Germany, hat’s off to them”. But after some time he felt he wanted to join a local company. “I worked for a few German companies and an university. The culture is a bit different then what we are accustomed to in Finland. In Finland, we tend to have lower hierarchies and the culture is more open. We tend to be a bit more agile too where in Germany it’s more process-oriented”. So after 9 years, he felt like he needed a change.  

Freedom and flexibility are what I’m after

“I was looking for a remote position so I could spend more time with my wife and my daughter. Not having to commute saves a lot of time. And I also feel I’m much more productive working from home since there are fewer distractions. And working remotely also gives me the flexibility to plan my day however I want. Personally, I start my day early. I just grab a cup of coffee and open my laptop and my day has started. Furthermore, if I want to move to a different city one day, I won’t have to switch jobs since Nordic nomads allow me to work from anywhere”. 

Family comes first

“Working remotely also gives me more personal time which is also important in families with small children. In my free time, I like to play video games, learn to play piano and e.g. work on my Warhammer miniatures. My daughter has started to show interest in those as well so it’s nice to work on them together also”. 

If you’re considering moving to Germany 

“I like living in Germany, it’s our home now. For those considering moving here, there are lots of benefits. The healthcare system is good as well as the public transport system. Munich is also a very centrally located city so there are lots of places to visit and they are easily accessible. There are many parks to spend time outdoors with family and the Alps are just a short distance away.

Jussi’s tips for working remotely 

When working remotely you can easily get lost in your work since there are fewer distractions. You really must remember to take breaks and it is a good idea to schedule them in advance. I also suggest taking breaks where you go for a small walk in the middle of the day, it will keep you fresh, especially in the afternoon. 

Quality first

At the moment Jussi is working on a project for an international social media advertising company. I take pride in my work and I always want to deliver reliable and quality code. It’s important to work closely with the customer and have an open dialogue with them.

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